Olympic Flags Craft

Kids will create their own flags for the SRP Olympics!

SUBMITTED BY: Chinook Arch Regional Library System


AGE GROUP: 4+ depending on materials.

TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes.

SPACE CONSIDERATIONS: A table/workspace large enough to do the craft.


● Paper (thick/stiff is better) or a small canvas

● Colouring supplies (Markers/Paint/Crayons/etc)

● Painter’s Tape

● Decorations (Stickers/Sparkles/Glitter/etc.) 

● Popsicle sticks or medium-sized sticks from outdoors (optional) 

● Craft Tablecloth 


  1. Spread the tablecloths over craft surface. Lay your various decorating tools out on your table. 
  2. Each participant gets a piece of paper or small art canvas. 
  3. Use the painter’s tape to create a design/pattern on the “flag”—leaving much white space.

    images/olympic flags craft/SRP Olympic Flag program step 3.jpg
  4. Colour in each section of the “flag” that is not covered by tape.

    images/olympic flags craft/SRP Olympic Flag program step 4.jpg
  5. While drying, have the children brainstorm their “nation’s” names! 
  6. Once dry, remove tape from the “flag” as carefully as possible, leaving a unique design.

    images/olympic flags craft/SRP Olympic Flag program step 7.jpg
  7. If desired, tape the chosen stick onto one short edge of the flag (for canvas flags: large, flat popsicle sticks work best). 
  8. As an added (optional) activity, have the participants take a picture holding their flag each time they finish a book. Keep a tally and then create a collage/slideshow at the end of the summer marking their reads for their very own SRP Summer Olympics! 


Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics by Chris Grabenstein

● The Wildest Race Ever: The Story of the 1904 Olympic Marathon by Meghan McCarthy