Paper Ornament

SUBMITTED BY: Beaverlodge Public Library


AGE GROUP: 6+ (with adult assistance)

TIME REQUIRED: 10-15 minutes

DESCRIPTION: Perfect for Christmas decorations or if you want a lightweight “ball” for indoor play that won’t damage the wall!

SPACE CONSIDERATIONS: A table/workspace large enough to do the craft.


  • 1 sheet of paper
  • Template
  • Ruler
  • Pencil or pen for marking measurements
  • Knife


1. Draw your template on your sheet of paper and cut your three strips as perfectly as you can. 

images/paper ornaments/Fig. 2 Template for Ornament.jpg

images/paper ornaments/Fig. 3 Step 1.jpg

2. Trace (don’t cut!) along the curves with a pointy knife (Fig. 5).  Glue the bottom of two of your strips (Fig 6) and make two loops (Fig. 7).2. Put one of your loops into the second (Fig 8).   Get your third strip and put it through one of your closed loops (Fig 9).  Close this third strip with glue and press until its dry (Fig. 10).

images/paper ornaments/Fig. 5 Step 3.jpg

images/paper ornaments/Fig. 6 Step 4.jpg

images/paper ornaments/Fig. 7 Step 5.jpg

3.  Next couple of steps are a little tricky so take your time.  Wiggle all the loops until are the curves face outwards (Fig. 11).   Gently press the curved (traced) sections inwards one by one (Fig. 12).  Your ornament is finished (Fig. 13).

images/paper ornaments/Fig. 11 Step 9.jpg

images/paper ornaments/Fig. 12 Step 10.jpg

4.  If you want to make your ornament more unique, you can use paper with a pattern on it or if you are using plain paper you could draw your own design on your paper before or after you cut it into three strips.   For those of you who like glitter (who doesn’t??) you could add a little sparkle to your ornament when its finished by gluing some glitter on to your finished piece.

images/paper ornaments/Fig. 13 Finished Ornament.jpg