DIY Foosball Table!

Make your own foosball table! This craft is fun for the whole family!

SUBMITTED BY: Marigold Library System

PROGRAM CATEGORY: Foosball fun is a craft and an activity.

AGE GROUP: This program is best suited for 6+ with parental supervision and assistance or 8+ without. Be aware of your own child’s skill level with scissors or knives – everyone is different making the age range flexible. 


SPACE CONSIDERATIONS: This project does not require a lot of space and is an indoor activity



  • A good pair of scissors or ideally an x-acto knife (parent use only)
  • Markers
  • Cardboard box or shoe box
  • Clothing Pins
  • Wooden dowels* 
  • Tape or Glue
  • Anything that you want to decorate the clothing pins and foosball table with
  • A hole punch – suggested but NOT required 

*Other possible supplies are straws, cardboard tubes, or any cylinder that is long enough


  1. If you don’t have a shoe box, cut a cardboard box so that it about the same size as a shoe box. Make sure that the box you use is an inch taller than the cloth pins.

  1. Punch or cut out holes that are the size of the wooden dowel or straws that you plan to use. The holes should be about the same distance away from the end as the length of the clothing pins.

    images/foosball/Foosball Step 1.jpg

  1. Cut two more holes on each side so that there are a total of four holes on each side. They should be evenly placed inside the holes used for the goalies.

  1. Cut out squares on each end of the box for the goals. They should be tall enough for the ball to fit under and as wide as you want. The best width is just enough for the ball to pass the goalie on either side.

  1. At this point you can decorate your foosball table however you want. Use a green pieces of construction paper as the field.

images/foosball/Foosball Step 2.jpg

  1. Next, cut four dowels or tape together straws to make four 1’6” rods. Put these rods through the four holes that you cut into the cardboard box. IMPORTANT – kids should not cut the wooden dowels to size. Adult assistance is required at this step if you use wooden dowels.
  1. Finally, attach the clothing pins to the rods. There should be 1 pin as a goalie and 2 or 3 pins on the center rods. To prevent the dowels or straws from leaving the holes, test your clothing pin placement before gluing the clothing pins down. Move them side to side, does the rod fall out?

    images/foosball/Foosball Step 3.jpg


The Great Shape-Up – Eleanor May

Dino-Soccer – Lisa Wheeler

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