Sock Bowling

 Line ‘em up and knock ‘em down in this fun, interactive bowling activity!

SUBMITTED BY: Chinook Arch Regional Library System


 PROGRAM CATEGORY: Craft, physical activity 

 PROGRAM DELIVERY (FOR STAFF USE ONLY): Can be either pre-recorded or delivered live via your library’s Facebook page, Instagram


 TIME REQUIRED: 10-20 minutes

 SPACE CONSIDERATIONS: A table/workspace large enough to do craft. Room to gently toss the ball at the cups. 


Foam/paper cups

Red Marker/Sharpie

Socks (at least 5 indv.)


  1. Make the “pins” first. Take 10 cups and colour two thick red lines all the way around the bottom of each cup.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 1.jpg
  2. Flip the cups over and stack them in a pyramid, starting with 4 pins on the bottom layer.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 2.jpg

  3. Make the ball next.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 3.jpg

  4. Roll one sock in on itself before wrapping the next sock around the lump.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 4.jpg
  5. To finish off the ball, wrap the final sock around the ball and try to mould a ball shape in your hands.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 5.jpg
  6. (Optional) If using mismatched or old, spare socks, consider decorating the ball with sharpies or stickers, adding 3 dark circles to look like bowling balls!

  7. Toss the finished ball at the pyramid, counting one point for every pin that gets knocked off the table. Count 3 points for a “spare” (cleared off in 2 throws). Count 5 points for a “strike” (all pins knocked off in 1 toss).  


  • Bowling Alley Bandit: The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller
  • Pinny the Bowling Pin by Leah Ward