DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Create your own DIY  sidewalk chalk paint with this easy project!

CONTRIBUTING LIBRARY: Redcliff Public Library


AGE GROUP: 5-12 years

TIME REQUIRED: 10 minutes to mix, as much as you want to paint outside!

PROGRAM DELIVERY: Both livestream or pre-recorded videos work well.  Zoom wouldwould allow participants to work along with the facilitator, either as a live event, or a pre-recorded activity.  Just be sure participants have the material sheet in advance, and have the time to gather the supplies.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR STAFF: If making the paint indoors, cover table with newspaper, or an old tablecloth. Recommend children wear play clothes. They may get dirty crawling on the ground while painting, and they may get paint on themselves. Notes: Painting on a flat surface will help prevent it from running off. If you find your paint is too runny, do not be afraid to add more corn starch.  The colour will pop and brighten as the paint dries. Add more food colouring or paint for a deeper colour. Food colouring mixes easy, and is slightly brighter than tempera paint. Although, tempera paint is a great, safe alternative. This is a creative and fun way to spend some time outdoors. Supplies can be found in most homes.


  • 2 cups corn starch
  • 2 cups water
  • 6 drops food colouring OR 1 tsp tempura paint (6-8 colours)
  • Paintbrushes
  • 6-8 small plastic cups or muffin tin
  • Spoons for stirring


  1. Mix corn starch and water in equal amounts. Mix until corn starch is fully dissolved. 
  2. Pour into plastic cups or small muffin tins.  
  3. Add desired colour to each cup, then give it one last stir. 
  4. Your paint is ready to use!