Skee Ball

Create your own Skee Ball machine! This craft will create hours of fun for the whole family.

SUBMITTED BY: Marigold Library System

PROGRAM CATEGORY: Craft, activity

PROGRAM DELIVERY: This program works best as a pre-recorded program. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Because this program is so long, make sure you edit your video. If there are repetitions in a task - like when you cut the holes for the cups - make sure you don’t show every single cut.

AGE GROUP: This program is suitable for 7+ with parental assistance on some of the cuts. This program is family friendly and younger kids can help decorate.


SPACE CONSIDERATIONS: A table to work on and a hallway or open space to play the game.


  • A good pair of scissors or a knife
  • Colorful paint or markers if you want to design the Skee Ball ramp and tower
  • Markers
  • Two or three cardboard boxes
  • Paper
  • Duct tape or packing tape
  • Paper or plastic cups


  1. Cut the tabs off on one side of a cardboard box so that it is completely open on that side. Once that is done you will cut off one of the short sides of the box at a slight angle. This should result the box sits at an angle when you set it down on the angled edge.

  2. Trace the cups with the opening of the cup facing the cardboard box. These will be the outlines for the holes to place your cups in. To cut the holes you will need to make multiple slits inside the outline with a knife or scissors. It should look like a pizza when you are done. Fold down the tabs inside the box, but don’t cut them off! Test fit one of your cups and make sure each hole is big enough. This step may require parental assistance for any child not comfortable with a knife or scissors.
  3. Once you have cut holes for the cups you will cut out the bottom of the cups. Ask for parental help if you are not comfortable with this. After that you will place the cups inside the holes and tape the cups to the tabs from the last step.
  4. At this point the tower for your Skee Ball machine can be used, but we recommend a few more steps.
  5. Take a cardboard box that is slightly larger than the first one and cut off one of the short ends.
  6. Tape together the tabs so that the sides are extended. Now you can place the box with cups inside and you will have a way to contain some of the balls and prevent balls from bouncing out.
  7. The ramp is fairly simple. Cut one corner of a cardboard box and lay it out flat.
  8. To create the incline of the ramp, take the tab from both sides of one end and overlap them. The end of the cardboard should lift up into the air. Tape that tabs together with the inclined tab underneath of the flat tab. This should leave one side inclined.
  9. Finally tape all the rest of the tabs together while the cardboard is laid out flat. There should be no gaps throughout the length of the cardboard. This will result in the tabs being lifted into the air to create sides for the ramp.