Sock Bowling

 Line ‘em up and knock ‘em down in this fun, interactive bowling activity!

SUBMITTED BY: Chinook Arch Regional Library System


 PROGRAM CATEGORY: Craft, physical activity 

 PROGRAM DELIVERY (FOR STAFF USE ONLY): Can be either pre-recorded or delivered live via your library’s Facebook page, Instagram page, or YouTube account. 

 INSTRUCTIONS (FOR STAFF): Do the “craft” portion of this activity in order to demonstrate how to make the cups look like bowling pins and the balls unique. Set up the pins in the recommended pyramid shape and toss your ball to show the full activity. 


 TIME REQUIRED: 10-20 minutes

 SPACE CONSIDERATIONS: A table/workspace large enough to do craft. Room to gently toss the ball at the cups. 


Foam/paper cups

Red Marker/Sharpie

Socks (at least 5 indv.)


  1. Make the “pins” first. Take 10 cups and colour two thick red lines all the way around the bottom of each cup.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 1.jpg
  2. Flip the cups over and stack them in a pyramid, starting with 4 pins on the bottom layer.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 2.jpg

  3. Make the ball next.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 3.jpg

  4. Roll one sock in on itself before wrapping the next sock around the lump.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 4.jpg
  5. To finish off the ball, wrap the final sock around the ball and try to mould a ball shape in your hands.

    images/sock bowling/Sock Bowling Program step 5.jpg
  6. (Optional) If using mismatched or old, spare socks, consider decorating the ball with sharpies or stickers, adding 3 dark circles to look like bowling balls!

  7. Toss the finished ball at the pyramid, counting one point for every pin that gets knocked off the table. Count 3 points for a “spare” (cleared off in 2 throws). Count 5 points for a “strike” (all pins knocked off in 1 toss).  


  • Bowling Alley Bandit: The Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller
  • Pinny the Bowling Pin by Leah Ward